About software development and trail running.

Finding a Voice

What makes a blog wither and die? I have made several attempts at blogging; this most recent attempt sat around for over a year with no activity. After an initial burst of posts about using a standing desk, it felt like I had nothing to write about, and soon the blog slipped off my list of priorities and lay dormant.

Now, a year later, I am rebooting this with the intention to make it work. I come equipped with what I think was missing previously: focus, a voice, a specific idea of an audience, a willingness to “ship” without fretting about perfection, and a queue of ideas. Underneath all that is a clearer idea of why I want to write.

A new direction

This blog has a new name: Running|Code. Reflecting that title, it will (more or less) follow a specific theme: the increasing overlap of my running pursuits and programming career.

I think about running when I code, and I come up with code ideas when I run. As I get more serious about trail and ultra running, the discipline of training is improving my work habits. And my programming work has helped to expand my involvement in the local running community and is improving my training. I think this can amount to an interesting perspective with which to write.

The right tools

An email series from my former colleague John Sonmez called “Create a Blog That Boosts Your Career” got me motivated and organized to do all this. As I mentioned, I am making a much more intentional effort at the writing this time around, thanks in part to this course. Check this out if you have any interest in writing online: it doesn’t just cover the basics of creating a blog, it shows step-by-step how to become consistent and effective and how to build an audience.

Follow along

So if you are a programmer interested in running and fitness, or a runner geek, or find any of my existing posts interesting: subscribe via RSS or follow me on Twitter (or even GitHub), and we’ll see how it goes.